Achieving Proficiency in Roles in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

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In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, selecting a job class is a major decision, as each offers its own unique advantages, abilities, and strategies. Making the right choice can be difficult, with so many job classes to choose from. To help you make the best decision for you, this guide provides a thorough examination of all the job classes available in the game, including what they are best suited for, their strengths and weaknesses, and suggested builds.

One Who is Skilled with a Sword

The Swordsman is an adaptable melee class known for its capacity to deliver hefty physical harm and copious HP. It is well-suited for tanking and may eventually progress to the Knight, Crusader, or Lord Knight class.

1.Knight : As a warrior who specializes in taking the heat of battle, the Knight concentrates on providing protection and defense. Through the use of protective techniques and strategies, they are a great asset to any party.

2.Crusader : This class is a great addition to any party, offering a range of support skills like healing and buffing. They can also dish out some major damage with the Holy Cross technique.

3.Lord Knight: This class is a formidable offensive force, with the capacity to deal out massive physical damage. They have access to a variety of powerful abilities, such as Bowling Bash and Aura Blade, which allow them to quickly dispatch their enemies.


The term “mage” is often used to refer to a powerful and knowledgeable individual who has the ability to manipulate magical energy. Such a person is thought to possess both mystical and scholarly knowledge which they use to create powerful spells and enchantments.

Mages are an excellent spell-casting class capable of causing a great deal of magical harm from far away. Despite having lower HP, they can still do considerable damage to multiple targets. After advancing, Mages can become Wizards, High Wizards, or Warlocks.

1.Wizard : These spellcasters are renowned for their ability to unleash massive amounts of area-of-effect damage and crowd control in order to quickly eliminate multiple adversaries. Their signature skills such as Meteor Storm and Storm Gust make them formidable opponents.

The High Wizard is an advanced version of the Wizard. This class is equipped with additional AoE spells and has the ability to produce great amounts of single-target damage. Furthermore, they can also grant helpful bonuses to their allies.

3.Warlock: The Warlock is a highly offensive variant of the High Wizard, focusing on delivering massive magical damage. In addition, they can weaken opponents and possess unique abilities including Chain Lightning and Tetra Vortex, rendering them extremely potent combatants.


The skill of shooting arrows with a bow is known as archery. This sport has been around for centuries and is still popular today. People practice archery for recreation, competition, hunting, and even as a form of self-defense. The basic equipment required for archery is a bow and arrows, although other items such as stabilizers, finger tabs, and quivers may also be helpful. Archery requires physical strength, coordination, and skill, so many people enjoy the challenge it presents.

The Archer is an adept ranged fighter specializing in single-target damage output. With a moderate amount of health, they can excel at dealing damage from afar. Those who choose to be an Archer can evolve into a Hunter, Sniper, or Ranger.

1.Hunter : This course concentrates on inflicting physical damage from a distance, with abilities like Arrow Shower and Double Strafe. They can also utilize traps to disable and damage opponents.

2.Sniper : This class is an offensive take on the Hunter, with abilities such as Sharp Shooting and Aimed Bolt that are designed to deal higher damage.

3.Ranger: This special hybrid class in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a combination of Hunter and Mage. They have a wide array of abilities that let them inflict both physical and magical damage, making them competent in battle. Additionally, Rangers have the capability to call forth a loyal Warg to accompany them in combat, offering powerful offensive skills and support.


The Thief is a stealthy class that is excellent at dealing out hefty physical damage from the back. They are capable of doing great harm to single adversaries, but their HP is relatively low. After they have reached a certain level, they can progress to one of three further classes: Assassin, Rogue, or Stalker.

1.Assassin : This class is designed to attack enemies with powerful critical hits and to make use of abilities such as Sonic Blow and Grimtooth when attacking from behind. In addition, they are capable of poisoning their targets, making them a formidable opponent in battle.

2.Rogue : Those who choose the Rogue class possess more adaptability than the Thief, and are equipped with abilities that allow them to deactivate traps and to steal from opponents. Furthermore, their Back Stab skill is very effective in dealing damage, which makes them a great asset to any group.

3.Stalker : As a tactical class, the Stalker is proficient in hiding and moving around adversaries without being recognized. Additionally, they possess the capability to set snares that can both cripple and harm adversaries, making them a formidable adversary when playing alone or with a group.


The term “acolyte” refers to someone who is a devoted follower, and the same can be said of an “adherent.” Such an individual is deeply committed to a particular cause, person, or group.

The Acolyte is a support class which stands out for its strong healing and buffing capabilities. Although their HP is low and they don’t do much physical damage, they can still provide powerful support. Upon reaching a certain level, the Acolyte can choose to progress to either the Priest, Monk, or High Priest class.

1.Priest : Priests are devoted to bolstering their allies with beneficial abilities like Heal and Blessing. They possess the power to revive their friends and free them from any negative states.

2.Monk : Monks are more adept in combat than Acolytes, as they are capable of dealing decent physical damage with their skills. Additionally, they have the ability to provide healing to both themselves and their comrades, thus making them quite formidable when it comes to taking on foes in battle.

3.High Priest : This class is an enhanced version of the Priest, exhibiting stronger healing and buffing capabilities. They are even able to inflict damage on undead adversaries, which renders them very important assets when facing such enemies in combat.


The Merchant is a class specializing in trading and making money, with the ability to increase the value of items and make items to be sold. Although they have low HP and are not very strong in physical damage, they may further advance to become a Blacksmith, Alchemist, or Whitesmith.

  1. Blacksmith : This class has the expertise in fabricating and enhancing weapons and tools. They possess abilities such as Weapon Refine and Enchanted Stone Craft that make it possible for them to craft and upgrade formidable objects, making them a desirable inclusion to any group.

2.Alchemist : These experts of concoctions and tools have special techniques like Potion Synthesis and Sphere Mine that provide them with the potential to craft powerful aid items. Their skill of providing healing and buffs to allies make them an indispensable element of any team.

3.Whitesmith : Boasting a more aggressive style of combat than Blacksmiths, the Whitesmith can be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. They are able to imbue their weapons with elemental properties and craft powerful accessories, allowing them to easily take on difficult adversaries.


Players can gain an in-depth understanding of each job class through this comprehensive guide. With the differing job characteristics, they can make the most out of the game. If they would like to play various roles at the same time, the Redfinger Android emulator can help them in doing so.

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