Complete Beginners Guide to Valorant 2024

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Starting something new is always worrying because we as humans tend to be pleasant in our comfort zone and trying something new brings us out of our delightful comfort zone. That is why most people work on the same job or don’t try to outgrow themselves even after a year they’ll be doing the same thing repeatedly. But it is also important to not forget where you started from and what gives you power and certainty. All in all, if you are trying something then being hesitant is a natural trait. So don’t worry about that. 

Trying something new is also difficult because sometimes people don’t have enough knowledge about the practice, business, or even a new sport. You’ll most likely fail in the knowledge or the practical department but that is okay too because at least you tried to outgrow yourself. That analogy can fit in with many more acquaintances Let’s say a video game. So every game is different from others even if the game is from the same genre. Because of different mechanic playstyles etc.

So what should you do to accelerate the process of learning the game? You should read about the game itself and get advice from someone who is actually good at it. So in this blog, I will give you a thorough guide for a beginner player in valorant. In this, you will learn something about the game quicker than you would’ve if you played the game. I will give some tips and explain how to train to be better players than you were before reading this blog.

Aim Training:

The first step that you need to take as a beginner is to just sharpen your aim. While there are layers of aim training, you first need to take baby steps. So here’s what you should do:

Simply load up the firing range and select your favorite agent and if you don’t have one then I’ll also be adding the best beginners legends section so you can pick one in this blog so stick around. Now that you have loaded up the firing range set the bot as stationary and try to do the following:

  • Flick from one target to another and try to spray and not tap on his head. This way you’ll get used to the recoil and it will be effective in your matches. Do this exercise daily for 10 to 15 minutes until you can hit it without even trying to aim cautiously.
  • After that try to do 180-degree flicks. I know that it sounds hard for a beginner but believe me it will accelerate the process of building muscle memory. So try to do 180 from one straight to the behind target with any stutter or breakage in motion. If there’s a breakage in flick then you should adjust your sensitivity according to it.
  • The last thing you need to do to improve your aim is to jump into a death match and try to only tap or blow on the enemy’s head. No matter what, do not do continuous firing on enemies. Just try and tap on the heads of enemies or burst fire on them because it’ll make your aim much more mature and usable in real matches. 

Now those are some of the things that you can try for yourself to be better at aiming in valorant. Remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg and you’ll need to repeat these steps to get better at the game.

The fastest way to rank up:

If you want to rank up quickly and want to take a guaranteed route towards it then getting boosted is the easiest way to do it. By getting boosted you’ll get your favorite rank and in exchange, you’ll give a sum of money. You can buy boost from Immortalboost because they are the most trusted company when it comes to increasing elo in Valorant. 

Best beginner legends:

The second most important thing in valorant is agents. Agents are the very thing that differentiates valorant from other tactical shooters because, in other tactical shooters, the agent or character that you are playing has little to no effect on the gameplay but valorant agents are the most dominant part of the game. 

If you are a beginner then you have to know that an agent who you can utilize fully is really necessary because like I said before, an agent is one of the most important things to get better at. So here are some of the agents which posses a relatively easier kit to learn 


Reyna is one of the best duelists in the game and if you have a good aim then she is going to give headaches to the opposing teams. Reyna’s kit is easier and she is self-dependent because in her kit if you kill an enemy you can use his corpse for an orb to heal yourself or to make yourself invincible for a few seconds. Both of these abilities are good for faster and aggressive entries. The second thing on her kit is her blinder which she can use to flash any enemy who is looking in the direction of the eye.


Sage is also a great pick for a newbie because she is the only sole healer who can revive her teammates. She also can heal herself. Sage can be a fantastic pick for you if you just want to get going with the game and don’t have enough knowledge about it. Her kit consists of heals, flowers, and walls. 


Breach is also a good pick for a beginner because he doesn’t have that many skills on hand to confuse you. He can only do two things: he can either flash you or he can stun you. So fewer choices equals less confusion. Although he is a one-dimensional agent he can be a good starting point.

Play consistently:

The last tip that I would give you is if you are serious about the game and if you want to build your skill set then you should give valorant proper time because developing a skill takes time and if you play one week and don’t even touch the for another week it’ll only slow down your progress. Hence it will cost you more time to sharpen your skill set. So try to play the game for 1 hour each day by day until you get confidence in your aim and your game sense. So perfect your basics, play consistently and in a short amount of time you’ll be way better than you ever think.

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